How to Get Deer to Come Out During the Day

How to Get Deer to Come Out During the Day

The deer are known to move early in the morning. The movement at dawn is basically the deer are going to the bedding site for a rest. So, for the rest of the day, they are probably sleeping. If you have no other choice but to hunt during the day, then you need to lure them out.

One of the reasons you may not spot deer easily could be that there are very few in your hunting region. Or, maybe you are just struggling to catch one as a beginner. So what can you do get the deer to come out during the day? Keep reading to find out!

How to Get Deer to Come Out During the Day?

Luring deer can be different on public and private land. On private land, you will have to attract the deer to your plot. Public lands are different. You might have to identify the hotspots and move towards them. For many hunters, hunting on public land gives them pride.

Private Land

Deer are not extremely nocturnal. There will be some movement during the day. There are many things you can try to get the deer on your property. Here are a few simple tips:

Food Plot

The first and most obvious incentive for the deer to come to your land is food. Plant something that the deer can eat. Make sure that whatever you grow is not very common in your area. Research and then make your decision.

Items like corn, peas, nuts like acorns and pecans, and small fruits will attract deer. Add shrubs and other regular plants to make it look natural. They will be more attracted to this.

Create your food plot in an area where there is the least amount of noise on your property. At least in the area, you grew plants to attract them. Use the best deer camera under $100 with low glow LEDs. If the deer moves around at night and sees lights near your property, it might not come near that land in the morning. Try to keep lights to a minimum.

Plan for the deer to have access to water. A small tank or a water hole can work.

Scents and Lures

Scents and lures are popular for attracting deer. Apple scented and flavored food items attract deer. Try to minimize human scent in your area. A deer has a very sensitive sense of smell. If a deer smells the human scent, it will stay away. Vanilla extract is also known to attract deer. Peanut butter can also get them to your property.

Deer are attracted to minerals and salt blocks. You can buy these from the market. You can place it close to the plants that you grew. You can also bury it and cover it up with soil. This can take a longer time to attract the deer.

Public Land

Tree Stands

As mentioned before, the deer are probably trying to go to their bedding site in the morning. So, if it spots you on the ground, it will run away. Being up on a tree can give you a better view if you have a spotting scope. You will be able to spot a deer easily.

According to some hunters, in their hurry to get to their bedding site, they take a few risks and are not fully alert. If you plan to hunt early in the morning, get there half an hour before dawn if you expect to spot the deer.

Bedding Sites

Try to find out the spots where they bed. The bedding sites might be near water, in a little isolated area. Their backs might face the surface. It will be easier to hunt deer when they are not moving around.

They usually wake up for a snack at around noon.


Doe urine, apple/ orange/ corn scented liquids are known to attract them. Doe urine works the best. Deer are used to the scent and will think that there is another one of their kind. Doe urine is the best to put the deer at ease, and it will come to you.

You can sprinkle this near your tree stand. You should make sure that there is no human scent. Shower with unscented products before going for your hunt. Spray some deer lure on your shoes.


Even though they are not nocturnal, deer usually stay awake till dawn. They are alert to keep the predators away when it is dark. So, they usually sleep during the day. It is difficult to spot a deer during the day, but not completely impossible. Sometimes it just depends upon your luck.

Deer hunting, whether it is as a sport or for consumption, is popular. Over the years, people have come up with various weapons and techniques to hunt deer. Learn what the deer likes and what attracts them. Being quiet, not moving around a lot, and using other items to lure them to you can increase your chances of spotting a deer. Do not create a lot of noise or make sudden movements to scare the deer away from you.

A little more effort goes into luring deer to your private property. But it has its own advantages. If you can, create a pathway for the deer to come to you.. This can work on private or public land. Sprinkle a scent that lures them on that path.

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